GET Group as an Investment

The most compelling listed ESG company

  • In 2025 GET Group aims to control 3-5 unique ESG tech-companies related to energy production and energy saving
  • In order to be strategically well-positioned GET Group seeks to raise capital in the most efficient way
  • The plan also envisages real value creation for our shareholders

Why invest?

  • GET Group is actively looking for unique ESG tech-companies to invest in.
  • GET Group is actively seeking the best mix of financing alternatives from both conventional and new finance sources.
  • This combination will enable GET Group to make a solid contribution to the current crucial transition to worldwide sustainable energy.

Business model

  • Investments. Raising capital to invest in various asset classes exposed to energy production and energy savings
  • Asset classes. Raising value in assets including shares, bonds, loans, convertible loans and warrants issued by the portfolio companies, including infrastructure assets related to the underlying business of the portfolio companies
  • Exit strategies. Taking portfolio companies public or deciding to sell portfolio companies or infrastructure assets related to the underlying business of the portfolio company

Revenue model

  • Capital gains. Profits are made on the portfolio investments by taking a portfolio company public, deciding to sell the portfolio company, or by recapitalising dividends that have been generated by the portfolio company
  • Dividends. Profits are paid back to shareholders from portfolio investments when there is a certain amount of equity held in a firm. A dividend is paid, reflected by the equity percentage held
  • Fees. We monitor fees, advisory fees, and potentially consulting fees tacked onto the portfolio companies

The Stock

The shares in GET Group AB have been issued in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act (2005: 551). All shares are fully paid and freely transferable. No shares of any other class have been issued. Each share entitles to one (1) vote at the Company’s Annual General Meeting.


Trade Information

Short name for the share: GETG

ISIN code for the share: SE0009690811

Short name for the warrant of series TO1: GETG TO1

ISIN code for the warrant of series TO1: SE0009690811


Mangold Fondkommission AB

Engelbrektsplan 2
S-114 34 Stockholm


Principal Auditor

Lars-Ola Jaxvik


Norra Hamngatan 22
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411 16 Gothenburg

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