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Our vision is to create the most compelling listed holistic ESG company that owns unique technology related to energy production and energy saving

Rock Energy is a leader in deep geothermal energy solutions offering sustainable energy from deep-energy wells

  • Leaders in deep geothermal energy solutions with an industrialised approach
  • Patents and methods securing safety and financial competitiveness compared to other sources of energy
  • Energy solutions developed with the potential to replace oil, gas, coal and nuclear power
  • Renewable and sustainable, emission-free, combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Independent of commodity prices, weather and grid, 24/7 at 50+ years, anywhere
  • Proof of concept has been operational at Oslo Airport Gardermoen (‘OSL’) more than three years
  • Growth market – Geothermal market to grow with a CAGR of 12.2% 2018-2024

Lightcircle is a creator of new technology which increases energy efficiency, safety and extends into smart home products

  • Lightcircle has developed, manufactures and sells Kokong, the world’s first app-free, autonomous smart connector, as well as Evolve, the market’s first dedicated smart socket for charging of electric cars in ordinary type socket
  • The company’s unique charging technology has been developed for safe, green, energy-saving charging of consumer electronics (from mobile phones to hybrid / electric cars)
  • Lightcircle uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track and optimize power consumption and decrease risk when charging for the end-user
  • Lightcircle is soon launching the patent-pending Varsku, the first smartsocket with built in fire alarm to cut power and set off alarm if there are impending electrical fires

Synergies between Rock Energy & Lightcircle


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